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    Grief Recovery Specialists® graduate October 2016

Beth Burke

LMBT #11730 • NCBTMB #845
Grief Recovery Specialist®

“Grieving allows us to heal, to remember with love rather than pain.”   — Rachel Naomi Remen


The National Insitutes of Health acknowledges “unaccounted for” energy, and rigorously investigates the safety and efficacy of complementary and alternative modalities. Studies show that our subtle bodies are clearly intelligent and receptive; they undeniably respond to energywork.

Come experience Transcendental Restoration which integrates The Reconnection, BodyTalk Access, Breathwork, Reiki and The Bars.

Massage Therapy

Therapy at Vital Living is very effective in stimulating the “relaxation response,” providing a powerful antidote to today’s high levels of stress. A session can lower cortisol levels, increase circulation, expand breathing, and elevate mood. This is preventative care at its best.

Grief Recovery ®

For courageous grievers willing to do the work, this method has been proven to be incredibly liberating and deeply empowering. With The Grief Recovery Handbook as a guide, and with a Grief Recovery Specialist facilitating the process, participants learn to let go of their pain and to find completion with their losses. The tools provided become available for a lifetime. And once through the process, grief becomes a life-enriching skill.