• Reorient to your own True North

  • Amethyst reliably enhances our well being

  • Energy balancing leads you to your stillpoint.

  • Hand in hand: Reflexology tends the whole body

  • grief recovery specialists

    Grief Recovery Specialists® graduate October 2016

Beth Burke

NCBTMB #845 • LMBT #11730
Grief Recovery Specialist®

Self-care is how you
take your power back.
— Lalah Delia

The Master RESET

a 90-day program of self discovery and personal empowerment

Who can benefit from The Master RESET?
If you answer yes to any of these questions, you can experience profound breakthroughs by participating in The Master RESET.

  • Do you wonder what drives you?
  • Do you struggle to describe yourself positively?
  • Do you react instead of respond when under stress?
  • Do you want to be more resilient?

What is The Master RESET?
During the 90-day Master RESET program, you will receive 12 hours of individual coaching and instruction, three hours of integrative bodywork, and a number of health enhancement resources and techniques – all designed to help you ground and center in your Truest Being more spontaneously.
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Graduate reviews  Contact Beth for an Exploratory Conversation.


The BioMat generates far infrared light and negative ions. Heated amethyst crystals then transfer these properties which support and greatly benefit the human life force.


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The National Institutes of Health acknowledges “unaccounted for” energy, and rigorously investigates the safety and efficacy of complementary and alternative modalities. Studies show that our subtle bodies are clearly intelligent and receptive; they undeniably respond to energywork.


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Massage Therapy

Reflexology at Vital Living is very effective in stimulating the “relaxation response,” providing a powerful antidote to today’s high levels of stress. A session can lower cortisol levels, increase circulation, expand breathing, and elevate mood. This is preventative care at its best.


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Grief Recovery ®

For courageous grievers willing to do the work, this method has been proven to be incredibly liberating and deeply empowering. With The Grief Recovery Handbook as a guide, and with a Grief Recovery Specialist facilitating the process, participants learn to let go of their pain and to find completion with their losses. The tools provided become available for a lifetime. And once through the process, grief becomes a life-enriching skill.

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Please note: all hands-on sessions are in suspension in an effort to help “flatten the curve.” My work has been reconfigured and continues with as much devotion as ever. Two sessions are offered to help ease the stress from today’s uncertain circumstances and to help provide calm & resilience.
Please schedule here
Payments, based on a sliding scale, are to be made when scheduling
exclusively via PayPal.
Read more about energywork here.
And here’s a Self Care guide for you and to share.
Thank you. ~~ Beth

Distance Healing: Remote Energywork

In these trying times, do you need help settling your systems? Let the healing flow…
While I work, you’ll feel a reassuring calm circulate through and deeply relax you.
Plan these sessions with time to spare afterward if you can – rest a while and let your body integrate further.
It will thank you. 
These sessions take place via ZOOM or by phone.  You’ll receive my notes the following day and there may be a 30-min follow-up phone call to debrief soon after.
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Self Calming & Stress Resilience Training

Empower yourself through education and guidance. Each session is therapeutic and functional in nature.
Sessions are conducted via ZOOM or by phone wherein we’ll review what you’ve already got in place, I’ll offer new tools to explore and then I’ll provide instruction and practice for those you choose.
These sessions include email followup within 5 days. 

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