Moving through Heartache

A personal story:

My mother was quite young, just 43, when she died from complications of Type 1 Diabetes.

In the deep, dark winter, on December 23rd, 1974, at 6:30 in the morning, my father turned on my bedroom light, knelt at the side of my bed and sobbed, “She’s gone.”

In that instant, my heart cleaved in two. With my very next breath, my Inner Healer applied a powerful anesthetic and fitted me with a tourniquet so tight that, although I’d be broken, I might also be protected from some of the pain.

No one in my family, no one anywhere, knew how to teach this 18 year-old how to grieve. In fact, the messages I got were loud and clear: “Your pain stimulates our pain, so it’s your duty to be strong, for our sake. If you feel sad, do so in private.”

No one warned me that with any beautiful, loving memory of my mom, I would instantaneously feel the torment of her loss.

I know now that every self-help book I devoured over the years, was bought and read in an effort to find relief from this deeply submerged anguish.

So, when destiny leads you to the Grief Recovery Method (if you’ve lost a love one, a marriage or partnership, a job… any deep connection), I highly recommend you persuade yourself to engage its process. Here’s why:

Last fall I participated in the Grief Recovery Institute’s powerful, clear, effective program. Working my way through its action steps, I completed my own recovery and actually found the joy that is my mom on the other side. I no longer avoid reminiscing for fear of pain. My memories are now full and rich and whole, and I connect with her every single day.

The energy I focused on suppressing the sorrow is now, after 42 years, mine again to invest in Life! And I must say, the myth that reads, “Time heals all wounds,” is a falsehood. I was liberated only by taking very specific steps toward resolving my misery, with courage and commitment, and with the support of this program.

You, too, can know such freedom and joy. It’s possible to reclaim some of the light and love that was once displaced by loss. I promise; the Grief Recovery Method WORKS!

Now that I’ve trained, and been certified to facilitate the method, I can help! Click here to learn more about the process and the upcoming group work that’s been planned for 2017. Select from the courses that begin on March 9th…

Come, and bring a friend. And please forward this information to those you think would benefit from this work. Re-posting on electronic bulletin boards and in e-newsletters would be greatly appreciated. Please help me spread the word! 

To your good health,
Beth Burke,
Carrboro, NC
Certified Grief Recovery Specialist
Stress Management Specialist
Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist
Vital Living Massage and Healing Arts