The Grief Recovery Method

Grief Recovery Testimonials

I have gotten quite a bit of help from my grief work with Beth. Following the specific format, I was able to bring up many half forgotten memories and then have a healthy way to process them. Now that I have worked through one relationship I feel prepared and hopeful as I move on to additional grief areas in my life. This work is important and quite effective. – KM, finance

I found this work to be deeply healing and rewarding on a multitude of levels. The specific approach of the Grief Recovery Handbook is profound and tangible. Beth facilitated our group in a conscious, compassionate and personal way. I found myself resistant to doing the homework as it got deeper and more personal, but I knew that my resistance was an indication that healing was taking place. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have learned these skills that I will undoubtedly carry with me for the rest of my life. I felt proud of myself and my group as we showed up to do this work. Beth’s ability to hold space for the reality and depth of what shows up in this work created a solid foundation for our entire group to connect and share. Thank you for sharing this gift with the world. – CR, healthcare

I participated in the 8 week group Grief Recovery Program offered by Beth Burke in Carrboro, NC from November to December 2016. Beth is a capable, competent, confident leader. She excels in maintaining group confidentiality and respect. When group members were challenged by some of the exercises, she offered encouragement and support to continue on and follow through with our 8 week commitment. Beth is very professional and warm in her leadership. I highly recommend this process to anyone working their way through their personal grief process. I teach children who have suffered many losses. In addition to helping me personally, I learned new ways of helping those children deal with their losses. – LC, education

The grief recovery method facilitated by Beth Burke is a beautiful, transformative process which has allowed me to feel more freedom and ease. Processing the work in an intimate group and witnessing each other allows such depth and healing. I would highly recommend this work! – MJ, healthcare

I was recently part of an eight week Grief Recovery group facilitated by Beth. Even though I was eager to do the work, once we got into the processes and I dredged up old situations/events that presented unresolved emotions, I found myself resisting doing the assigned homework. It took a serious commitment to delve into some of the hidden and intense emotions that surfaced from doing this work. It was revelational to realize that grief and loss apply to a much broader range of events than the more typically acknowledged ones such as death, divorce, job loss, etc. While I don’t like to do much revisiting of the past, the process required a scanning of my life to pinpoint the places where unresolved grief and loss were hiding. This turned out to be richly rewarding in that I not only uncovered unacknowledged grief but, through each of the exercises, I was also able to shift into a feeling of release, relief and completion with the relationships that I chose to explore! Beth was masterful at creating an environment that felt safe enough for us to not only express our often raw and painful emotions, but to also have the confidence that what we shared would be confined to the circle of trust of our group. If you’re ready to let go of unresolved grief, I enthusiastically recommend doing this recovery work with Beth. – VM, photography

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