The Grief Recovery Method – Empowering 8-Week Process

The Grief Recovery Method®, designed over 40 years ago, has proven to be an effective, empowering process that helps to alleviate the suffering resulting from loss of all kinds. This method is engaged in a safe space either one-on-one or in a small support group.

An educational component, combined with specific action steps, supports each griever through their pain and sorrow to the other side, where they naturally reconnect with the light and love within them.

Besides the relief and liberation experienced through this process, participants go forward with the necessary grief recovery tools to process other losses on their own.  They know, on a very deep level, that they have established new skills that, with practice, will serve them evermore.

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Beth Burke

Beth is one of three Certified Grief Recovery Specialists® in the Triangle.  As a massage therapist, she recognizes that unresolved grief is often a major underlying issue of people’s pain and disquiet.  She provides a safe space and an effective process for grievers coping with loss and sadness in small support groups, or one-on-one.
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