The Master Reset

a 90-day program of self discovery and personal empowerment

Graduate reviews     

Through diagnostic surveys, practical exercises, and creative play, I guide you through a proven process of self-discovery and self-appreciation. As we pinpoint your sources of identity, meaning, inspiration, you will be able to make clear decisions more confidently – ones that you, and others, understand and respect. During the program we will:

  • Identify areas of your life where more effective systems and structures can be implemented to cultivate inner knowing, reduce stress, or save time.
  • Design practices and methods to handle and prevent stress more effectively.
  • Create more clarity and generate confidence about the choices you make.
The end result?
  • You will know yourself better.
  • You will improve your ability to access inner peace.
  • You will be able identify and trust your intuition much more often.
  • You will build resilience and a sense of self-mastery.
  • You will develop a dependable grace under pressure and an elegant adaptability.
Program commitment
  • Three 4-hour intensives (one month apart)
  • Three 1-hour bodywork sessions following each of the intensives

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mine your treasure

Month #1


Discover your truest qualities and
establish a daily practice to
honor your innate wisdom

so your life feels more aligned and more meaningful
Month #2


Explore proven and effective techniques
so you return to center, finding balance and strength
more easily and gracefully

befriend your Vagus Nerve

access your playful spirit

Month #3


Free your creativity
so your inner muse finds fun, vitalizing expression

Contact Beth for an Exploratory Conversation

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