Remote Sessions

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Some of the benefits of remote work are:

  • You can enjoy the familiarity & comfort of your own space
  • The energy is more concentrated & focused; the shifts are more rapid
  • You’ll feel freer to experience energetic releases in private, both physical and emotional
  • You can make the time and space for further integration by resting in place afterward

For those new to energywork, here are some of the possibilities:

  • The mind will likely change from thinking mode to a meditative state
  • Notice the body:
    • the breath often slows and deepens
    • sensations like these are normal: heat or cold, buzzing, prickling, shaking, heaviness or weightlessness, sinking, floating
  • Allow the inner shifts:
    • Outmoded patterns have the opportunity to transmute into new, effective patterns or into a space of potential and creativity
    • Easier access to higher consciousness, your own KNOWING
I’m delighted to connect with you through the ethers. Here are the nuts and bolts of each particular session…

Distance Healing: Remote Energywork

  • Prepare a hot footsoak with essential oil for the Intake phase. (Optional but very therapeutic)
  • Intake: setting a time for the debriefing follow-up call; a review of current circumstances; and setting of intentions
  • Guided preparatory steps:
    • BodyTalk Access tapping
    • 3-4 rounds of Breathwork
  • We both settle into your energy fields; I will move what releases easily and I will forward that which flows into and through me
  • I’ll bring closure, silently, at my end; if possible, you rest longer for further integration or sleep. The debrief call the next day

Self Calming and Stress Resilience Training

  • Come prepared to the call with note-taking materials
  • Intake: a review of current circumstances and a conversation about the various tools for our consideration
  • Instruction/practice
  • Goal setting
  • I’ll check in by email in the next 10 – 12 days

I look forward to serving you: schedule here.

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