" I am still feeling rather astonished by the energy work yesterday. It’s beyond belief – like quantum physics! Medicine needs this – I am so glad you are in the world and that M. introduced your practice to me. " — NB

" Transcendental Restoration was the most relaxing experience I have ever had on a massage table. The cranial holds Beth used were gentle, yet powerful, and put me into an immediate meditative and deeply relaxed state. I came in with a lot on my mind and left feeling as if I had had a good night’s sleep, and I felt calm and centered the rest of the day. " — SAL

" I felt as if I had drifted very gently into a timeless and restful realm. I was so grateful that it lasted as long as it did, for this gave me a pause out of my life, which was healing on some deep, deep level. " — BJ

" Your awareness access treatment was like a visit to a new land. I floated in and out of a place and space that was both new and source to me, and your presence and hands grounded me. Hard to find words, but today I feel less influenced by the little community of fears and doubts that are my usual companions. Today I feel myself connected to the whole. " — KW

Self-Care Made Simple

" Thank you for sharing your very practical tools in a very tangible way. " — KT, LMBT

" Your use of time was well-managed and the content was useful and do-able. " — JW, LMBT

" All the information was great. I look forward to sharing what I learned and learning more." — KB, LMBT

" Loved the content. I liked that you had several different approaches." — LR, LMBT

" I appreciated the variety of techniques offered and the very tangible suggestions for how to use them, how they could fit into my life. " — CR, LMBT

Massage Therapy

"Beth used techniques I had never before experienced on my shoulder…and her methods made an immediate difference regarding pain and mobility. I was delighted, needless to say. I believe that Beth has gifted healing hands. I recommend her work unconditionally." — AB

"I am so grateful for the pain relief and relaxation Beth imparts through her knowledgeable hands and compassionate heart. " — MH

"I have loved my massage sessions with Beth. Her touch is the best of any massage therapist I have ever experienced. She is knowledgeable of the techniques and the processes she uses. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a massage therapist. " — CH

"Beth listens deeply and responds specifically to what I need in a massage, each time finding imbalances and working to heal. From the way the space is prepared, to the initial warm foot-bath, through the actual massage, no matter how I have arrived, I always leave feeling whole, rejuvenated and cared for." — JB

"Beth has a wonderful energy that facilitates the flow of relaxation, comfort, and renewal. Receiving bodywork from Beth is like being handed a reset button for your life – it is a wonderful, day-altering experience." — RS

"I feel like the work you did yesterday was very helpful. And thanks for all the breathing and massage tips to use at home." — MD

"Beth’s hands know intuitively where to find the right spots to treat: whether it is through deep tissue massage, or just a light touch. While working on you, there is a neat, soothing exchange between her hands and your body. And one can almost ‘listen in’ to what they are ‘saying’." — AH, PT CLT-LANA

"I felt better long after our session had ended." — VLS