Compatibility is essential in the therapeutic relationship.

Are we a good match?  Learn about me below…

I graduated from Guilford College in Greensboro, NC at a time when students were required to participate, first as freshmen and then again as seniors, in a class called Being Human in the 20th Century.  For freshmen, this required course provided a survey of the liberal arts.

I followed my interest in Romance Languages and majored in French with related studies in Spanish, Early Childhood Education and Business Law.

When I registered for Being Human in my final year, I was free to choose a specific discipline on which to focus.  My choice was geology, and a class named, The Moon: Fact or Fancy? To this day, I identify this class as that which initiated my journey of personal growth and transformation.  It married the value of science with the value of the inner life of man.

Through daily observation of the phases of our moon, and through descriptions and drawings in a journal, I made my first conscious connection to Nature. The wonder and awe inspired by this study of man, in relation to the Universe, landed me squarely as a member of the Human Potential Movement, and has since sparked many an exploration, both inner and outer.

As an avid student of Life, my path has been one of myriad interests and experiences.

As a young wife I learned homesteading skills, raising and preserving fruits and vegetables, and tending to a small herd of goats.  As a young mother I realized my need for learning good communication, and conflict resolution skills (still practicing, still learning!).

I am both service- and systems-oriented and have applied this combination in a multitude of work environments providing support, as well as direct services.

I have worked assisting tradesmen, in banking, in communications, in two different Waldorf schools – in the classroom and in administration, as a divorce mediator and office manager for a community mediation center, for an airline, for a software developer, as a credit counselor, on my town’s Human Services Commission, and in operations and customer service for an integrative health clinic…

When our health clinic closed in 2008, I sought a more direct and personal path for my impulse to serve.

I believe that we each carry an innate inclination toward health and wholeness. And this belief, coupled with my interest in human potential, catalyzed a search for ways in which I can partner with people who are engaging that urge purposefully.

My first choice was to share my art with others, and that has aptly developed into the workshops I hold in assemblage art and creative writing. Then, with tremendous support from friends and family, and an exceptional education from the Body Therapy Institute in Siler City, NC, I studied and worked with a passion, receiving my license to practice massage and bodywork therapies in December of 2011.

My bodywork sessions incorporate many elements of energy work for which I’ve been trained:
The Reconnection: energy healing learned when training with Eric Pearl in 2003; BodyTalk Access following certification in 2010; Reiki, Level II since certification in 2013, and 2014 trainings in Touch for Health and Access ConsciousnessThe Bars.

In March of 2012, I pursued training and a teaching certificate in Jeff Primack’s Supreme Science Qigong.  My students and I find this practice to both stabilize and energize us at any time of day.

These days I ask myself how today’s faculty of Guilford College might develop a course entitled, Being Human in the 21st Century. My sincere hope is that such a course would include a study called Toward Profound Self Care for each of its students.

Back in the mid-‘70’s, did they foresee life in overdrive as we live it today? And the pressure under which we are required to perform? Did they predict the sources of stress increasing in number and intensity as they unquestionably have?

Being Human in the 21st Century is quite the chaotic ride. But life is made healthier and happier, more flexible, balanced, and creative by having a commitment to our own well being and to the care it takes to sustain it.

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